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Emily Gorgol

Emily Gorgol is the clear choice to represent District 6 for Fort Collins City Council. With her experience in human services and community development, Emily has proven she’s able to listen to all sides and work hard to improve the city for all. Most importantly, she knows how to bring people to the table and find collaborative solutions. 
I believe Emily will be a great addition city council because she has proven herself to be a passionate advocate for many different groups of people and organizations in our city. Emily is dedicated to making more inclusive opportunities for all residents to provide input and take part in local government. She will bring great energy to the table and will certainly help us move Fort Collins forward. Join me in voting for Emily for City Council!

          - John Kefalas, Larimer County Commissioner and District 6 Resident

I endorse Emily for City Council, District 6 because I think she has the energy, experience, passion, and commitment to serve our district and our city well for the next four years. She has my wholehearted support.
          - Jeni Arndt, Colorado State Representative and District 6 Resident

Through her work at the Family Center and on the Women's Commission, Emily Gorgol has shown that she is committed to working for positive change in our community. I know that Emily will be a strong and thoughtful leader on City Council, and I wholeheartedly endorse her campaign for City Councilmember in District 6.

          - Kristin Stephens, Fort Collins Councilmember, District 4


I support Emily Gorgol for Fort Collins City Council District 6 because I believe Fort Collins needs more collaborative, thoughtful leaders like Emily who understand that issues like affordable housing, childcare solutions, and equitable representation at all levels matter to the citizens of Fort Collins.
Emily will use her human services background to bring positive changes to our community, and she has proven herself to be deeply committed to all who live in Fort Collins through her work in housing and community development. I am confident she will listen to all sides and will work hard to introduce creative solutions to address the pressing issues facing our city. Please consider supporting Emily’s bid to represent District 6 in the Fort Collins City Council.
          - Lisa Poppaw, Former Fort Collins City Council Member

Colorado BlueFlower Fund

Cathy Kipp, Colorado House Representative

Bob Bacon, Retired Colorado Senate Member

Beverly Schmidt

Sue McFaddin