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Emily Gorgol

Emily Gorgol

A Fresh Perspective!

Hello! My name is Emily and I am running for Fort Collins City Council District 6.


District 6 makes up the northwest corner of the city and is full of diverse and unique neighborhoods, parks, and natural areas. I love the people that make up this district, and that's why I want to represent them at city hall. I plan to bring a more open, engaged, and transparent approach to city council and ensure that Fort Collins is a place everyone can thrive and afford to live in.


I pledge to listen to community members, hear their voices and work alongside them to address issues and challenges. When elected, I plan on making more inclusive opportunities for residents to express their opinions with city leadership, ensuring that the city is responsive and community input is reflected in decision-making.
I look forward to hearing and learning more from District 6 residents. I am excited to meet you as I visit neighborhoods over the next couple of months and hear how I can better represent you. Visit the "About Emily" page to learn more about my background!


The Issues At Hand

I am committed to engage, listen, and respond to resident concerns to keep Fort Collins one of the best places to live for ALL. That starts with addressing community concerns and working together with other municipalities, the county, our large non-profit sector, and businesses on important issues, such as affordable housing, child care, balancing growth and preservation of natural areas, accessible and easy transportation, and a strong economy. All of this can't be done without your opinion and input, which is why I promise to work on making city council more approachable, transparent, and accessible.



Fort Collins has been growing rapidly. Ensuring that there are ample work opportunities at every level is vital to the health of the city's economy. Many residents struggle to make ends meet due to underemployment, low wages, and a high cost of living. I will work collaboratively with the business sector to bring in employment opportunities that provide a livable wage and work alongside Front Range Community College and Colorado State University to provide education and job-training opportunities to work toward fair and equitable access to full employment for all residents.

Healthy Community 

As our community grows, we need to plan for smart, inclusive growth. Balancing growth while maintaining Fort Collins' feel that brought people here will be an important task for city council. Ensuring that as we grow, we plan for healthy communities—ones in which everyone has equal and equitable access to healthy food, medical care, affordable and safe housing, and parks—will be a top priority of mine. As housing prices and rents continue to climb, many residents are finding it more difficult to live in Fort Collins. I will work collaboratively with community partners, city staff, and housing experts to identify and secure an array of affordable and attainable housing options.

Thriving Natural Environment

Fort Collins is known and recognized for its natural areas, and I will work to preserve and protect them and the Poudre River. These recreation and preserved areas provide residents with easily accessible opportunities to connect with the natural environment, while providing economic benefits to the City. With a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources from Colorado State University, I have a deep understanding of the importance and benefits of preserving our natural areas and the Poudre River. I will work towards balancing growth and natural areas to ensure that we keep what is important to so many of us.



I’ve watched this town change and grow. Increased traffic, congestion, and pollution are concerns that I have not only heard about, but I have experienced them firsthand. As more people move to our beautiful city, it is vital to create easy and accessible transportation to ease traffic concerns. Working with Transfort to ensure transportation is running where and when residents need it will help reduce the burden on our roads and infrastructure. In addition, working with other municipalities to create connections between rural areas and cities will ease the commuter traffic. By working together and collaboratively, we can enjoy clean air and good stewardship of our environment.

Learn more:

Want to learn more about my positions and plans if elected as your District 6 council member? Click here to read my Q&A with The Fort Collins Coloradoan.


Emily Gorgol



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